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Focus POS California excels in the growing bar and nightclub scene in southern California and surrounding areas. We provide bars, nightclubs, taverns, and pubs – as well as new concepts – with the tools they need to succeed in a growing competitive market.

With fast, reliable interfaces that are easy to use, Focus Bar POS helps you reduce order entry time, develop lasting customer loyalty, and ultimately increase sales. Employees can quickly refer to your unique recipes with a touch of a button, and open new tabs by simply swiping a credit card. Focus software stores the name and credit card info so employees can easily add drinks, repeat rounds and close out tabs with speed and accuracy.

Focus POS Tab Management

  • Manage up to 64 tabs at once to keep lines moving
  • Sort customer names alphabetically to close tabs quickly
  • Swipe to capture credit card and name information to start and close tabs
  • Streamline service with quick tender buttons on the bottom of the screen
  • Organize screens to easily access popular items and reduce order entry time

Focus POS Auditing & Age Verification

  • Automatically view 21-and-over age verification date on the screen to mitigate risks of serving minors
  • Reduce risk and loss with credit card pre-authorization options
  • Apply modifiers automatically to ensure each item is prepared properly
  • Closely monitor liquor shrinkage and theft with in-depth reporting and auditing

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